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FlashMint are a template provider that deal strictly in Flash. As this is their specialty, it is no surprise that the templates they offer are of high quality but the prices charged are relatively high. However, we must keep in mind that these represent a one-off transaction as opposed to other sites with which the cost of a monthly subscription can slowly, but surely, build up to something comparable. This is especially relevant in the case of those templates that come with FlashMoto CMS. This is an excellent WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit templates without fancy software or advanced coding skills. Unlike other sites that come with an editor, FlashMint provide you with the licenses for this piece of software so that you actually own it. However, it must be noted that, as opposed to browser based editing platforms, FlashMoto CMS will not allow you to build and edit your website online from any location. Furthermore, FlashMoto does rather limit you in what you can customize and users should not expect to be able to make any advanced changes to their templates. For those templates that do not come with FlashMoto CMS, users will  need editing software and knowledge of how to use it in order to customize their template into something they are happy to publish.

Although not boasting the biggest archive of templates in terms of numbers, FlashMint arguably provide the highest quality templates available at a reasonable price. Templates at FlashMint generally cost around double the market average but, in our opinion, the price is worth it. What is most notable about FlashMint’s collection is that all the websites are Flash and really make the most of the additional features this allows. True, some do have some gripes with Flash regarding iPhone compatibility and SEO but these are rapidly being overcome by web designers. However, this isn’t to say that Flash is perfect and problems may arise that may very well cause you extra work that a regular website would not. In the end, Flash is more complicated and some think this is worth it for the improved graphics while others prefer a simple, no-nonsense website. Artists and musicians, for example, generally go for Flash as it is well regarded as the best way in which one can express oneself artistically through the medium of web design.

FlashMint’s archives are well organized and their price-scheme is straightforward. We especially appreciated the option to preview templates before purchase, download an entire sample flash template for free and try out FlashMoto CMS. These features certainly give you peace of mind before making any purchase. This is important when purchasing templates because, as non-tangible irrevocable goods, once downloaded they are non-refundable. The only negative we could find with FlashMint was that their customer services section was disappointingly sparse. We expected more from a company providing such high end goods. However, amateurs may want to look elsewhere for two reasons. Firstly, FlashMint do not provide hosting services which may be a hassle to sort out if you’ve never done it before. Secondly, we felt that, although FlashMoto CMS is a good editor in itself, no WYSIWYG editor is quite enough to customize templates as sophisticated as those found at FlashMint. Aside from this, we would highly recommend FlashMint to professional web designers looking to splash out on some high end templates.

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