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SiteGalore Review

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SiteGalore offer rugged and versatile website creation and hosting solutions to small businesses starting from just $99. However, it must be said that it did take us some time to discover this for ourselves. Their website and demo movie are at best dated and, frankly, boring. Information on their website on what they actually offer is also sparse; certain features are listed yet key indicators such as bandwidth, site storage and pages per site are annoyingly omitted. This wasn’t a good start for SiteGalore as these days the features they list are available everywhere and it is the aforementioned key indicators that really help us differentiate. Well, these and the quality of the editor which, at SiteGalore, is equally dated. However, in their defense they have gone to some efforts to revamp this piece of software into something half decent. In the end, although not as slick and easy on the eye as some of its competitors, SiteGalore’s editor will do the job without much hassle.

We not only found it difficult to review Site Galore due to their vagueness on features but also because of their “flexible pricing models”. This means that each user will have to fill in a form specifying what type of website they want, and wait for a quote. Hence, prices will vary between each customer at different times. In today’s market, in which people want hassle free, quick websites, we believe there is really no place for websites such as SiteGalore with whom just understanding how much you will have to pay for what features is a slow and laborious process. 

Their free demo did not disappoint us, but neither did it leave us inspired and hence, we find it difficult to recommend SiteGalore to anyone in particular. If you find the editor particularly suited to your needs then there would be no harm at all in getting a quote. However, this is about as much as we can say about SiteGalore.

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