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Category: Online Website Building Tools (AKA Online Website Design & Creation Tools)
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Basekit Review

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Basekit immediately present visitors to their website with a professional image which invites you to delve further into the features and tools on offer. When you do so, it becomes quite clear that a wide range of high end features are on offer for a relatively low price. However, it is when you check out their free trial that Basekit begin to stand out as a leader in the web design market and a product that certainly merits one of our Top Ten spots.

As is standard in this category, Basekit’s editor is a drag and drop, WYSIWYG browser based website editor that enables those of us with minimal web design knowledge to easily design sophisticated websites without the need for top of the range software. Users can upload videos and pictures, add widgets and customize the colors and themes, but this does not make Basekit stand out in any way. What sets Basekit apart from the competition is that it is one of the most advanced visual editors on the market, which those of us with some web design knowledge will really appreciate.

Basekit’s most advanced feature has to be its template creation software. Templates are basically layered images, created on PhotoShop and then converted into a website. This is great for those of us with PhotoShop skills as you can convert your PSD files into a website for free; a process that would cost you anywhere else. This is great if you don’t like using Dreamweaver, however if you do not how to design layered images in PhotoShop then you will be restricted to Basekit’s editor which is not as flexible as Dreamweaver.

We were especially impressed with the way Basekit provide users with all the tools of web 2.0 without using Flash. Basekit describe Flash as “clunky” which, although we think is a bit unfair, is true in some respects. Most people’s gripe with Flash is that it does not work on iPhones. This means that “iPhone versions” of all Flash websites must be made which, although possible even with free beginners’ software, simply entails more work. However, this is more the fault of Apple than Flash as it was they who put the restrictions on its use. More importantly, we believe search engine optimization is more difficult with Flash websites and, although there are ways around this, it does require substantial technical knowledge. Overall, it cannot be denied that Flash websites are more “flashy” (for want of a better word), but they are still less practical. While musicians and artists looking to impart maximum “wow” factor through their websites may want to consider Flash, Basekit do a great job in providing a sophisticated, non-Flash alternative.

Despite a very limited free trial, Basekit provides one of the most advanced pieces of browser based visual editing software on the market at a great price. Feature heavy and well designed, we would recommend Basekit to anyone with a bit of money to spend but who wants to ensure that his money goes a long way. Basekit Business should be adequate for all but the most demanding users as opposed to Basekit Enterprise which is quite a significant jump in price. At this level you will simply be paying for 4 more domain names and unlimited usage which only the real web professionals will need. Overall, those looking for freebees should look elsewhere, those serious about setting up a great webpage should check out Basekit today.

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