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Category: Online Website Building Tools (AKA Online Website Design & Creation Tools)
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Mr Site Review

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With a healthy collection of awards, MrSite is rapidly building a reputation as a great way to quickly and painlessly get yourself or your business a healthy web presence. Marketed as a “website in a box”, they promise to deliver “everything you need to get a professional website online”.

As opposed to other products in this category, MrSite is available for purchase for one lump sum which is then topped up with monthly payments after the first year. This does make the Beginners and Standard packages very cheap. However, the Pro package, at more than double the price of the others, cannot be considered so. In fact, we felt the £99 lump sum to be quite a financial commitment which (we assume MrSite being a non-tangible product), would be non-refundable.

Although, the Pro package will get you significantly more features than Beginners and Standard, there are cheaper alternatives out there in this category. However, anyone using this site will have no choice but to go with MrSite’s Pro package as the other two will simply be insufficient. 75MB site storage and 2GB of Bandwidth are just not enough to ensure the smooth running of even a moderately successful site; you will be sure to find yourself limited in what you can upload and how many visitors can visit your page. 

MrSite Pro, although providing you with the features to publish a high quality website, does not enable any real editing or design. You simply choose a template and edit the text and pictures; consequently, their editing tools are very weak, leaving you with very limited modification options. However, this does make MrSite very easy and quick to use. MrSite’s saving grace is certainly its eCommerce features which are very good: All the relevant features are here; site stats are accessible and easy to convert into Excel and reports; and SEO is simple yet effective.

In conclusion, MrSite is the self proclaimed takeaway of websites; if you want “a website in a box”, we would recommend MrSite. If, however, you want to, or are confident in, designing your own website, other products in this category will be better in terms of features, price and flexibility. Unless you are buying this product as a present, there is no point in buying the boxed version as all the software is browser based. Finally, we would recommend anyone who is interested to try out the 14-day free trial which will give you a good feel for MrSite’s unique approach.

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