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DoodleKit Review

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DoodleKit provide a web based WYSIWYG and CMS website editing platform along with hosting services that allow you to build your own website, publish and maintain it at minimal effort. Being a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, no knowledge of coding is required, meaning that even complete beginners can have a functioning webpage up and running in minutes. Also, being a browser based platform, you can create and manage your webpage from anywhere you have internet access which is great for those operating on the move. What makes Doodlekit stand out, however, is their appreciation that these days, even low-level users will not be satisfied with flat pages. Hence they have put significant effort into maximizing the dynamic content possibilities of their platform.

Signing up to DoodleKit is a simple process in which you submit a minimum of information upon which Doodlekit will put together a basic template for you. This consists of placeholder text that explains how each different area of the website works and your available editing options in very much the same way as Xara Web Designer 7 Premium. Anyone familiar with this platform will know that it is one of the most simple and effective ways to edit a multipage website.

The creation and editing process is as simple as hovering your mouse over the relevant component and clicking “edit” which brings up the option of editing in either WYSIWYG interface or directly manipulating the HTML coding. We especially appreciated this aspect as it allows experienced web designers to be a lot more creative as well as being able to integrate a range of advanced features. However, in this sense, it must be noted that those of us with limited or no knowledge of HTML will be equally limited in what kind of web site we can build with DoodleKit. For example, rather than using a drag-and-drop interface that is becoming an industry standard in this category, users of DoodleKit must edit the HTML. The same goes for adding more advanced features such as shopping carts, PayPal and forms. This means that even advanced users will need to spend more time in creating a website with DoodleKit while beginners will only be able to build something very basic.

This said, beginners looking to learn HTML will find DoodleKit a great place to start and anyone with a basic understanding of HTML will be able to put together a pretty good web site with DoodleKit. We would recommend, however, that complete beginners look elsewhere for a more comprehensive WYSIWYG editor. However, advanced users will really appreciate the intuitive balance between HTML and WYSIWYG that only DoodleKit provide; DoodleKit is probably the best tool with which to quickly build advanced, multipage websites. We enjoyed their free trial which, despite having its limitations, lets you build and host a basic website for free as well as try out the DoodleKit platform for yourself. Overall, DoodleKit offer a solid product to which we are happy to award one of our Top Ten spots.

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