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Category: Online Website Building Tools (AKA Online Website Design & Creation Tools)
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Handzon Review

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Upon first glance, $1per month for a website and WYSIWYG editor sounds like a bargain and the prices for Hanzon’s Business and eCommerce plans don’t look too shabby either. Many would consider the opportunity to build your own website without having to use any code and publish it for as little as “a buck a month” too good to be true. Well, they would be right; a closer inspection of Hanzon’s services as well as a little research soon reveal them to be pretty much useless for anything more than building the most basic website imaginable. In their defense, they do provide an alright WYSIWYG website editor with which you can put together a simple website by simply dragging and dropping.

However, the “buck a month” package offers users a measly 10MB storage and 200MB bandwidth per month. To put that in perspective, that’s about 5 minutes of video, 20 odd photos and around 20 visitors per month. The more expensive packages don’t offer much better and don’t come anywhere near what is required for a half decent web site. Also, at $15 and up per year for a domain name, and SSL certification at $95 per year, it appears quite clear that Hanzon isn’t  that cheap. Any website that processes monetary transactions or takes in sensitive information (such as passwords) needs the protection of a SSL certificate, however, if you don’t need one of these, then an extra $15 per year is not too much for domain name registration. That said, many other players in this category offer far superior websites for free.

As a result, we would recommend that those looking for an easy to build, basic website with its own domain name should consider Hanzon’s “Buck a month plus $15 hosting fee” offer; you have nothing to lose by giving their free trial a go. Everyone else should probably look elsewhere.

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