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With an impressive array of features, iBuilt certainly stand out as one of the most advanced editors on the market, but at a relatively high price, are you getting enough bang for your buck? After just a little market research it will quickly become clear that you can get a site builder of similar quality to that of iBuilt for around half the price of even the basic package. So what are iBuilt customers paying all that extra money for?

We were immediately impressed with iBuilt’s extensive features list and clear price packages and this persisted throughout our experience of their 10 day free trial. As with the majority of products in this category, iBuilt come with a WYSIWYG editor which allows you to build a website using a simple drag and drop interface. This allows even the most inexperienced in web design to quickly build, publish and maintain a website. Compared to other editors, iBuilt may appear quite complex as, in their balance between ease of use and advanced editing options, they err on the side of complexity. Self-confessed technophobes will certainly find the range of options available staggering and will probably be put off by this aspect of iBuilt. However, advanced users will really appreciate all the options for advanced editing and adding more complex features. Overall, iBuilt’s interface has a simple elegance with ajax driven drop down menus that bring the most commonly used options to the front making the whole editing process a lot faster a less repetitive. We were also impressed with iBuild’s extensive image library which includes an image rotator, slider, and thumbnails from which images can be loaded to one or multiple pages of your site. Finally, unlimited pages per site with every package really frees you up to build an excellent multipage site. This feature really sets iBuilt apart from the competition who may provide you with as little as 5 pages with your paid subscription.

It is in its eCommerce services, however, where iBuilt really come into their own. We don’t have the space here to go through every feature, but rest assured, no other site will allow you to build such an advance online store with a WYSIWYG editor. However, it must be noted that, with all these options available, it will take you longer to set up something even very basic. We especially appreciated being able to place test orders to ensure that everything would run smoothly before starting any real trading. To support its eCommerce features, iBuilt provide excellent online security features and clearly take the issue seriously. Finally, iBuilt has one of the widest range of promotional tools that we have seen in this category. One such tool is “BizLiveChat” which enables you to connect to your customers through live chat and monitor your site in real time. Although you will pay extra for such advanced features, their presence demonstrates the complexity of the web tools that iBuilt websites can handle. 

On the negative side, as mentioned before, the complexity of iBuilt will make this editor rather inaccessible to those with little or no experience of web design. Even those comfortable with computers and a basic knowledge of WYSIWYG editors will take some time to get to grips with the vast array of features offered by iBuilt. This problem is compounded by a rather lackluster support section; teaching materials, guides and tutorials are almost nonexistent and the customer service is basic with a mixed reputation. This is especially disappointing considering the amount you will be paying for iBuilt and, to be honest, we expected more. However, we have not let this stop us awarding iBuilt one of our Top Ten spots based on its fantastic eCommerce features. In this light, we would not recommend them to anyone looking to simply set up a basic personal page, or something flashy and promotional. Instead, those with the most to gain form iBuilt will be people looking to set up a serious eCommerce enterprise with a relatively high projected turnover. If this sounds like you then go ahead and try out iBuilt’s 10 day free trial as this is the perfect way to see if their editor and features are what you are looking for.

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