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Category: Online Website Building Tools (AKA Online Website Design & Creation Tools)
Website: http://www.weebly.com

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Weebly Review

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One of the big guns in website design and hosting, Weebly offer, along with a simple user interface, some of the most advanced tools, applications and features on the market. With 8 million individuals and businesses using their service, they claim to power roughly 2% of all existing websites which is, in itself, impressive. Consequently, Weebly offer the most advanced hosting services in this category with a fast, reliable cloud server, unlimited bandwidth and significant web storage capacity. To match this, Weebly provide some highly technical yet surprisingly simple web design tools that allow even basic users to quickly and easily set up a professional looking website. In fact, it is safe to say that their website builder is probably the best on the market, with a user friendly drag and drop interface yet full HTML and CSS control. 

Signing up is as easy as pie; simply input your Email, name, password and choice of website address. At this point you will be asked if you would like to publish your site with Weebly or with its own domain name. If you choose to publish with Weebly your URL will be www.example.weebly.com but if you choose your own domain you can choose any extension you like. Publishing with Weebly is fantastic as you get an Ad free, professional looking website for free! Upgrading to a pro account will give you access to all of Weebly’s features for a very reasonable price. However, choosing your own domain name is more expensive and at up to $25 per month surpasses the price of some of Weebly’s competitors in this category. The question is then, is the monthly fee worth it? Read on to find out.

The first thing you will do when you begin building your website is choose a template. Although Weebly offer more than 100, all professionally designed, this is actually a lot lower than many other products in this category. However, each template is fully customizable, allowing you to create something unique with just a little bit of work. In fact, we found Weebly so easy that we had signed up, created and published a website in 5 minutes; amazing! The website builder allows you to create different pages within your site, drag and drop desired components and even set up a Webshop and advertising. Access to Weebly’s advanced features will require a Pro Account which does not cost much and you can try them all out without entering any card as payment is only required upon publishing. We were especially impressed with Weebly’s built in ImagePerfect image editor which allows you to edit images in the same way as you would in PaintShop Pro without being redirected. This is one of the features that set Weebly apart from the competition and earns it its Top Ten spot. Overall, we found Weebly’s website builder to be of excellent quality and easy to use. Although a basic website will be easy enough to design, advanced users will need a basic understanding of HTML and should consider upgrading to a Pro Account in order to avoid your site looking a bit “cookie cutter-ish”. However, we felt  that the small upgrade price is certainly justified by the amount and quality of features available.

In conclusion, we would sum up Weebly as an advanced hosting service that comes with powerful web design tools. Although slightly more expensive than some other products in this category its hosting capacity and features more than make up for this. Hence, we would recommend Weebly to those more serious about creating a website as professionals and commercial users will have the most to gain. This said, a basic, Ad-free website is easy and fun to make with Weebly and we would encourage anyone to give it a go.

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