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Our first visit to BoxedArt.com left us pretty overwhelmed and it took us some time to work out what it was they were actually selling; this was further compounded by a confusing features list and vague price scheme. Unlike many other products in this category who offer a simple table illustrating how much you’ll pay for what features, BoxedArt requires users to sign up before even seeing anything resembling a price scheme. Furthermore, rather than a straight forward features list, you are bombarded with everything from FREE subscriptions to one-off offers to the extent that you may end up signing up simply out of sheer panic and confusion! For us, this wasn’t a good start.

Say what you like about their marketing techniques however, it cannot be denied that BoxedArt offer a staggering amount of downloadable content, access to which is unlimited to members. This being a web design review, we simply focused on such products, but it must be mentioned that members will get access to everything from legal documentation and graphic design templates to instant website themes and twitter backgrounds. Template-wise, they offer them for literally everything and furthermore, all are fully customizable using popular HTML editors, Photoshop and Flash MX. It must be noted, however, that we did find that many of the templates, despite looking pretty as thumbnails, did have quite buggy scripts and felt rather dated. Also, the range of actual website templates could be bigger. Furthermore, we found that actually getting out registration confirmed so that we could start downloading took quite a while and, even when we were fully signed up some downloads didn’t work at all. This was disappointing, especially in light of BoxedArt’s far from shining customer services record; although, in their defense, considering all the complaints they must receive they are probably very overworked!

In conclusion, BoxedArt’s motto must be “the more the better” as they simply attempt to offer you everything at a low price, which they do successfully. However, the expression “quality not quantity” seems to have passed them by completely. Despite this, you may find some useful templates which could save you time and effort, especially if you are looking for something very specific. Although we have been quite harsh to BoxedArt, we would still recommend web and graphic designers to check it out, especially if you are new to the profession; don’t expect easily accessible top quality material, but you may find something useful which could make your life a lot easier.

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