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Site2You Review

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We must say that our first impression of Site2you was not especially positive. Although some of its tools and features do something to redeem it somewhat, this was not enough to afford Site2you one of our Top 10 spots. Immediately upon arriving at their homepage, we came across 3 or 4 typos which presented a far from professional image. All very well, you may say, but this doesn’t effect the quality of their services; website design. Well, we wish this were true but unfortunately we found typos and grammatical errors throughout their templates and pre-fab websites. Not only did this give us little confidence in Site2you’s general quality control standards, but it will almost certainly affect the quality of service provided. Native English speakers will have to spend time rewriting text and those with English as a second language may be unwittingly buying a badly written pre-fab website that few will take seriously.

Along with dodgy content, Site2you’s website builder lags behind those of its competitors. Although it has all the relevant features, it is simply slower and more difficult to use. Placing items and adjusting their settings is fiddly and there is no undo option. Especially annoying was the constant need to switch between editing mode and layout mode which required a page reload every time. These small but niggling errors really spoil an otherwise comprehensive WYSIWYG website building tool.

Fortunately, Site2you do offer surprisingly good customer services. FAQs, tutorials and videos should help you overcome any issues you may, or almost certainly will, have with their software. Likewise, their online chat service is both courteous and responsive. Furthermore, users who subscribe to a premium plan will get between 3 and 10 hours of consultation with a professional web designer who will ensure you get your site up and running in as short a time as possible.

In conclusion, despite good customer support we would rather Site2you provided services that  wouldn’t require you to have to ask for help in the first place. Furthermore, at around $50 a month you are certainly paying dearly for the provision of a web designer which you probably wouldn’t need if Site2you provided a good service in the first place. With only a 7 day free trial and a high monthly subscription fee we would struggle to recommend Site2you to anyone and will have to see a real improvement in quality before even considering them for a Top 10 spot.

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