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No stars worst service ever!!!
03 September 2014
Reviewer: Very Unhappy Customer from USA

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I got stuck with probably the worst manager in the world Tiffany - avoid this one at all costs! I explained to her step by step how I wanted my template to look and the functionality I required. She insisted it was fine and would be delivered in 8 days. The next 2 months of my life drastically changed forever...see below:

* 8 days in I ask where my template is she says it has been delayed another week due to the complexity of the project, no problems I wait another week and after hounding them on chat they finally give it two me another two days late. However its wrong. not just a little bit a lot. The screenshot I had agreed to is completely wrong, not even the same colours, and functionality that I had paid for missing completely, they were supposed to install 3 different plugins which I had given them specifics for and they had quoted an extraordinary price (150 per plugin) considering it is 20 minutes work. However no plugins were installed. several other functions were missing as well.

* GOOD LUCK GETTING THEM TO FIX IT - after explaining my problems to Tiffany she insists they will be fixed within two days however 2 days later there not. I try to get back on chat but I can not get through hmmm...this is a bit strange especially after waiting 1 hour. I try the next night and the same thing, so I set my browser to private ip address...wouldnt you know it they are there the whole time they straight away answer my request, however when I explain what has happened they transfer me from team member to team member until no one is left and I am left waiting 1 hour again.. and I give up. Next night I decide to try again same thing, no response, and this time they are on to me with private browser, so I make a fake account under a different ip address in my office, and pretend to be buying something and wouldnt you know it, they are there. I demand to speak to a manager and before I know it I am put on hold again for 40 minutes, this time I decided I was going to wait it didnt matter how long...i put the tv on and got a coffee and 2 hours later, I get someone.

I explain my problems, and am told the functionality is not possible and it's not what I paid for, bit strange considering I had paid over 800 dollars for all to be changed is a slider on the home page. I demand to speak to a manager and am transferred again...of course never to be spoken to again.

YOU CANT CALL THEM - I tried calling its a dead number. They now won't respond to emails, and my project is close to 1 and a half months over due, I shit you not I was trying to get through to someone almost everynight too. Untill I met richard on chat finally someone who helps, he sorted the whole thing out for me, got my project finished within a week, all functionality I asked for pretty much complete besides a few small hic ups which I just wore.


In summary, I would not recommend Template Tuning to a friend.

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